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Design Philosophy


Rain brings new life and possibility.  Rain cleanses and refreshes the world and us.   As a design-led practice, Rain Studio focuses on delivering solutions that serve the lifetime needs of the end-user occupants of our buildings.  The spaces we create are beautiful, liveable, and responsive; we aspire to create an environment of abundance.


The relationships between people and place are at the heart of all of our work at Rain Studio, and we believe in a synergetic approach of mutual respect and responsibility, to design and to humanity’s place within the natural world.


Designing for the future is a fundamental aspect of our work, recognising that the needs of households and businesses change over time.  We believe in working with nature to create sustainable built environments.

5 Principles Central to Our Practice


•     Time - to live, to breathe, to be.

•     Ecology - the 'tangled bank' of life, and our place within it

•     Locality - place, people, culture.

•     Community - relationships & the layering of public vs private space

•     Change - inevitable and full of potential

Jessamine Fraser


ANZIA, BAS, BArch (Hons), NZRAB Registered Architect 3211

Homestar Assessor

022 1620 589



With over 10 years of experience working for established firms and award winning architects, in New Zealand, Scotland and England, Jessamine has worked on a wide range of projects at a variety of scales, and has been involved in all stages of the design and construction process.  Her work has varied from tiny café fitouts to large housing development master-plans, and has included heritage work, bespoke residential, social housing, and community centres.


Passionate about architecture, Jessamine considers involvement in architectural education to be an important aspect of any architect's ongoing development.  She is currently tutoring design at Unitec School of Architecture.  Jessamine’s core philosophies for architecture and for life are bound up in community, environment and the contribution that each individual can make.